Improving the Quality of Air You Breathe in Your Home


The Importance of Having an Indoor Air Quality Test

Is Your Indoor Air Clean?
If you have suffered random bouts of sore eyes, runny nose and an infected throat or skin rashes on your neck and arms, looking more like small pores, which went away after some gentle rubbing of ethyl solution over the affected areas. But what got you to sit up more seriously this time was your sudden attack of asthma as you were preparing to take a bath in the morning. You have not had your shortness of breath for quite a long time and you felt it was beginning to stage a comeback.If you have suffered from any of the above and not known the cause then perhaps it’s time that you had air quality testing. 


Different causes
Poor indoor air quality can be caused by dust particles, inadequate or inappropriate ventilation, long-drawn curtains that may need changing, poor air-conditioning, or vehicle exhaust from the garage. Or it may also be caused by moulds residing on ageing furniture or leaking gas fumes coming from the kitchen.


More serious health effects
While we may initially dismiss the effects of indoor air pollution on our health as of little significance, we need to listen to health authorities as they issue reminders about the more serious consequences of poor indoor air, as mention how fatal it is in result of indoor air quality testing in Australia. Federal scientists have actually identified indoor air pollution as one of the most urgent environmental problems in the US. There are even long-term and severe effects of poor indoor air pollution on our health such as damage to the heart, central nervous system, respiratory system, and even cancer. Warnings have also been issued that certain pollutants such as carbon monoxide can cause immediate death.


How to arrange an air quality test
We need not suffer the adverse health instances cited at the beginning statements, for it is in our hands to dictate the kind of air we breathe. We don’t want dust, mould, fumes, solvents,  pesticides, fibres, pollens, exhaust smoke, gases; these are all undesirable party breakers. We want peace, joy, good health, fresh air, clean air, oxygen, enjoyment or in short: a happy, healthy living.


Indoor Air Quality Test – Two Ways
That’s why we need and should have an air quality test for our home and there are two ways we can do this.

  1. We could buy a DIY air quality test kit and follow the kit’s instructions.
  2. Secondly we could call the professionals – such as Envirolab Air Quality Testing Group and book them to do the checking and evaluation of our domestic air. We recommend the second to be sure.

When the service provider’s building biologist comes to visit us for the proposed indoor air quality test, we shall expect him to do the following:

  1. Come on time
  2. Find out about our needs
  3. Bring the necessary equipment and personnel to enable him to do his work well
  4. Take samples of air at different locations
  5. Determine the air pollutants and their sources
  6. Check gas leaks
  7. Discuss his findings and observations
  8. Explain areas of concern and approach strategy
  9. Recommend the easiest and the most effective method or strategy to clean the indoor air
  10. Provide an oral report, followed by a written report
  11. Submit a bill for their services

Air testing will vary according to the scope of the testing services required. Tests could include air sampling and laboratory tests, a VOC test, an ultrafine particulates test, a respirable dust test, moulds test and other tests for pollutants.

Envirolab Services
Envirolab Services is the largest environment laboratory in Australia conducting testing for indoor air quality and other environmental tests. The core principles we have defined as part of our philosophy are quality, reliability and service.

To find out more about our testing services, please call us at 1300 424 344.

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