Envirolab Extends NATA Accreditation to Rayment and Lyons Methods


Envirolab is pleased to announce NATA Accreditation has been extended to include the methods of Rayment and Lyons.


Our laboratory in Perth, MPL Laboratories is now accredited for agricultural soil testing using standard Rayment and Lyons methods. This builds on current ASPAC (Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council) accreditation for acid sulphate soil analysis, which will also be furthermore extended to cover agricultural soil and plant analysis later this year.


Particularly in agriculture and the mining sectors, accreditation of these methods will be ideal for assessing soil fertility and the viability of soil in crop production, pasture management, mine rehabilitation or stockpile reuse.



A list of some of our soil testing capabilities includes:

pH – water and CaCl2 extracts
Electrical Conductivity
Ammonium Nitrogen
Nitrate Nitrogen
Organic Carbon (Walkley Black)
Exchangeable Cations
Colwell Phosphorous
Colwell Potassium
Sulphur (KCl40)
Phosphorous Buffering Index (PBI, PRI)
Bray Phosphorous
Olsen Extractable Phosphorous
Mehlich 3 Extractable Metals
DTPA Metals
Calcium Chloride Boron
and Molybdenum


For further information or enquiries, our qualified team can be contacted to discuss your testing requirements to ensure suitability of relevant analytical techniques and explain any limitations that may exist. The downloadable brochure on agricultural Soil Tests at Envirolab provides a summary of this new testing capability.


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