Meet Our People - Carolyn Blackadder


At Envirolab Group, our people are our most important asset. Coming from different backgrounds, interests and experiences, there's nothing quite like hearing it from the people who already work here. Meet Carolyn from Finance who tells us a little about herself.


Carolyn Blackadder
Financial Controller

1. Why did you decide to join Envirolab?
I wanted to work with an Australian owned innovative company that would appreciate my experience and ability and where I felt I would make a difference.


2. What has been your initial involvement at Envirolab? Are there any key challenges that you have faced?
My brief has been to analyse the incumbent business systems with a view to improving them either by replacement or renovation. The key challenge I have faced is unearthing business systems which will serve Envirolab’s current and future needs that are both economically feasible and scalable.


3. What have you enjoyed most so far about your role?
Being able to assist the accounts team to improve methodology and acting as a mentor in aspects of accounting and administration.


4. Our vision at Envirolab is that we will build a high performance culture founded on great service, uncompromising technical excellence, prompt results, innovation and family values. How has this vision been brought to life for you? What does this vision mean to you?
This vision has been bought to life through the friendliness of all staff and the will of Management to make Envirolab an employer of choice. Staff members are recognised and rewarded well and enjoy family friendly workplace practices. Management is passionate and engaging to work with.

To me this vision means striving to make Envirolab an enjoyable place to work by creating feelings of inclusiveness and pride in your work.


5. Outside of work, what are your hobbies and interests?
My main interests outside of work are:

·         Keeping my family healthy and happy (and that includes my lovely dogs Bella and Bundy)

·         Playing competitive soccer

·         Playing keyboard and singing in the Blackadder Band

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