Meet Our People - Luisa Vumbaca


At Envirolab Group, our people are our most important asset. Coming from different backgrounds, interests and experiences, there's nothing quite like hearing it from the people who already work here. Having recently joined Envirolab, meet Luisa from Marketing and Communications who tells us a little about herself.


Luisa Vumbaca
Marketing and Communications

1. Why did you decide to join Envirolab?
From when I first walked into the office during my interview process, I immediately noticed how warm and welcoming everyone was. This impressed me greatly for the reason that these days it is so rare to find such a positive professional environment.

Since joining Envirolab Services I have also noticed how passionate the people are about the company and meeting the needs of clients. At the same time, Envirolab recognises and rewards staff and has a unique ‘family’ environment that includes a ‘dog-friendly’ workplace. So to me, Envirolab Services has been an employer of choice and I’m proud to be part of the team.  


2. Tell us a little about your background experience. What are your key strengths?
I have over 5 years experience in marketing and communications with particular focus on online in B2B and B2C environments. In this time I have been involved in projects that include the development and implementation of online strategy, content creation and the management of campaigns associated with new business and customer engagement and retention programs. 

Marketing is an exciting and innovative business area to be working in. We’re constantly challenging the status quo in testing new marketing procedures and we’re continuously venturing into new territories. Therefore flexibility and a high level of organisation are my key strengths, in order to effectively adapt and respond to these ever changing working environment conditions and needs of our clients.

I’m very passionate in what I do. This includes ensuring that clients continue to have a great experience with Envirolab from start to finish. I’m also very approachable, which is important in creating a sense of ‘openness’ within the company for the exchange of ideas and the ability for everyone to get involved and work as a team. 


3. What have you enjoyed most so far about your role at Envirolab?
Stepping into a newly formed role, I have enjoyed the whole learning process. I generally do enjoy to be challenged and learn new things and so far no day has been the same here at Envirolab. As part of my constant learning process, I’ve enjoyed my exposure to the different marketing projects and channels of communication. Here I’ve enjoyed working on a variety of projects from start to completion with ambitious people who care about the company and who are committed and engaged to doing a great job.

At the same time I greatly value that Envirolab recognises and appreciates my work and makes me feel like a valuable asset. I also appreciate and enjoy being in a workplace that promotes health and is ‘dog-friendly’. It’s always great to be greeted at the office by ‘Roy,’ ‘Zuko’ or one of the other dogs of Envirolab Sydney.


4. Our vision at Envirolab is that we will build a high performance culture founded on great service, uncompromising technical excellence, prompt results, innovation and family values. How has this vision been brought to life for you? What does this vision mean to you?
The vision of Envirolab is inherent to what we do in marketing and communications. This vision is never compromised on and is inherently applied in tasks. The vision of Envirolab also gives clarity and acts as a moral compass for where the company is heading and what makes us part of such a unique company. To me, this vision therefore means carrying out business in a way that I’m proud to be associated with.

The vision of Envirolab has been brought to life everyday by my colleagues – the respect that everyone has for each other and the way that people are dedicated to ensuring an excellent client experience.


5. Outside of work, what are your hobbies and interests?
In between work and my current postgraduate studies, I enjoy running, hiking and dancing. I also enjoy traveling and catching up with friends for competitive ‘cook-offs.’

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