Pricing - Envirolab Services

Please contact our customer service team for our pricing schedule.


Please email or call 1300 424 344 for enquiries about your project needs. All COC’s must have a valid Envirolab Quote number, otherwise list price will apply.


Urgent work will attract surcharges. Please discuss urgent requests prior to submitting samples. Some subcontracted work such as low level pesticides, organotins or dioxins may not be available on fast TAT’s or may incur additional surcharges.

Filtering Fee

Ground water that has been received unfiltered for dissolved metals will require filtering in the laboratory. This will attract a sample filtering fee.

We recommend that ground water be filtered in the field into a nitric preserved bottle. If they are not field filtered we cannot guarantee that changes in the chemistry have not occurred.


Envirolab Group terms are strictly that all services will be by cash on delivery (‘COD’) or credit card (Amex and Diners are not accepted), unless agreed in writing by the Company. To make payments by any other method, the Client must be pre-approved by the Company.

If the Client seeks and obtains a credit facility or as a consequence of having completed a "Credit Application Form", the Client, as an approved account is entitled, in accordance with the Credit Terms, to a Period of Credit of thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice.

Envirolab reserves the right to discontinue work or withhold results if payment is outside our terms.