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 Report layout

Cover page

Details general information about the project and receipt of  the samples.

Analytical results

Each group of tests is displayed on a separate page

Methodology summary

Provides a summary of the methods used

Quality Control Summary

Presents a summary of quality control data as generated on a  routine basis in the laboratory.  It may include data for a method blank, duplicates, matrix spike recovery, laboratory  control sample, and surrogate recovery.

 Report comments

Detailed on the last page. Any exceedances in QC will be
detailed here. It is important to refer to this section.

Click here to see an example report.

 e-Mailed Results

Clients receive e-mail delivery of results in Excel and PDF files along with a PDF copy of the invoice.  We send the files directly to your mailbox from our LIMS as soon as all analytical data is verified and reviewed. The report and invoice can be viewed on screen and saved or printed off for hard copy storage.The Excel file is useful to copy and paste into your tables, eliminating transcription errors.

Export format

Envirolab can export results in EQuiS, ESDAT and monitor Pro 5 format . Please advise the customer service team or note down your requirements on the COC.

EarthSoft  ESDAT

Hydrogeology and Contaminated Site / Landfill System

EQuiS and ESDAT systems are for hydrogeologists, and contaminated site / landfill investigators and managers whose main task is to receive, store, analyse, and report geo-environmental data.

A common theme for all users of these systems is that they continually receive monitoring data, and need to quickly:

Conduct a QA test on the chemistry data (Field Duplicates, Lab Control Samples etc..);  
Produce a results table showing exceedances of environmental guidance standards, show results on a map, and  automatically update graphs of time series data.


The two systems are similar but accommodate different monitoring requirements (eg Trade Waste in Landfills), and different naming conventions.


MP-5 is used around the world to manage environmental, health and safety compliance in the mining industry, landfills, quarries and other industries. The systems aim to take the legwork out of managing compliance through notification of breaches by email and automated import and quality checking of data and multilingual reports.

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Online results (Portal)

We have developed a system by which our clients can gain access to their analytical data using their PC and Internet access.  Through a secure system of password access, you can review verified data as it becomes available.  The system permits you to obtain test results in advance of the receipt of the final hardcopy report. 

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing-as long as you have a computer and a modem, you can access your analytical data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

This is a complimentary service created to add value and create efficiencies for both our clients and customer service team.

The benefits of using the portal are:

The ability to access results securely from any computer with internet access for example from home or interstate;
Results can be viewed as soon as they are processed;
Historic results are stored and are therefore also available on the internet;
Department Managers can have access to all results.

Access to the Portal is easy. Just email us or call 1300 424 344 to setup your user ID and password and you're ready to go.

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