Sample Handling


The following information will answer some questions about using our services. For additional information, please contact us by email or telephone at 1300 424 344.

Sample Submission Information

Sample size requirements can vary greatly depending upon the analyses required. The jars and bottles supplied by the laboratory are adequate for most requirements. In general, one 250mL jar is sufficient for soil samples. Please contact us for water bottle requirements or refer to our preservation guide. You may fill out and print a copy of the COC/Sample Submission Form to enclose with your sample by Clicking here.

Turnaround Time

Results for routine soil and water analyses are normally reported in five working days. Urgent services are available at a surcharge. Additional charges may be incurred if work on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday is required. Please contact your closest Envirolab laboratory for further information.

Sample Reporting

Results are normally sent via e-mail, but can be faxed, mailed or phoned. Please be sure to include all information required for reporting. Results can also be viewed on the portal that allows the client to view analytical results over the internet. Please contact the laboratory for further information.

Sample Storage

Samples are normally retained for 2 month for soils and 1 month for waters unless special arrangements are made in advance. Analytical data is stored for seven years. A charge may be incurred for retrieving data beyond six months.

Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody forms are available and should accompany environmental samples or samples, which may become involved in litigation or auditing.

Hazardous Waste

All samples of hazardous waste will be returned to the client for disposal.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

The QA/QC results are displayed at the back of the report. It consists of blanks, duplicates, spikes and LCS.


Analytical results are available only to the client unless the lab is notified in writing.