Envirolab Celebrates International Women's Day 2019


In recognition of today being International Women’s Day, Envirolab is proud to recognise the achievements of women as well as work towards equality for everyone, without the limitations set by stereotypes, gender roles and prejudices

Although we have made much progress in diversity and inclusion matters, there’s still a lot more work to be done to bring this to the next level. For instance, and within the industry we operate in, a significant gender gap remains globally at all levels of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Studies have found that, enrolments by women on a global level remain low and include 5% in natural science, mathematics and statistics; 3% in ICT; and 8% in engineering, manufacturing and construction. Within specialised roles, less than 30% of researchers worldwide are women.

#BalanceforBetter is the theme for this year's International Women's Day, which recognises the important role each and every one of us plays in driving gender balance across the world – as women, men, non-binary and gender diverse people. This is because of how it's about all of us working together in collaboration and removing the barriers which sometimes divide us; breaking down stereotypes and gendered roles to create an environment where everyone has equal rights and opportunities.

Acknowledging this year’s theme, Envirolab is proud to be committed to developing our people and creating a culture where everyone, regardless of gender or background, has the opportunity to succeed. For many years, Envirolab has been compliant with the Workplace Gender Equality Act, and has consistently had more than 50% females in senior management role, ahead of industry benchmark. We are also passionate about developing tomorrow’s leaders through a variety of support programs, including the RACI mentoring programme for young scientists, of which, we are proud to boast about the involvement of some of our fearless leaders in this program, Analisa Mathrick (Business Development Manager – Victoria) Pamela Adams (Laboratory Manager – Victoria), Alex Stenta (Business Development Manager – South Australia) and Jacinta Hurst (Group Operations Manager).

Overall, whilst there is room for improvement, diversity and equality is an important strategic priority for our organisation as we recognise that it takes exceptional individuals with different talents and perspectives to deliver Great Science. Great Service. What a great testament to Envirolab's commitment to gender equality!  


About International Women’s Day
Increasingly gaining prominence and reach over time, International Women’s Day has been celebrated on the 8th of March in many countries around the world, since its inception at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe. It is a day that reflects on our progress in achieving gender equality by recognising the achievements of women and the ongoing need to support women’s rights and their participation in the economy, politics, community and everyday life.

In Australia, the first International Women’s Day was organised in Sydney 1928 by the Militant Women’s Movement with the aim to enact equal pay for equal work, an 8 hour working day for shop girls and paid leave. The event spread to Brisbane in the following year.


References and More Information
You can read more about International Women’s Day on the UN Women website. Focusing on the industry that we operate in, statistics are also available on gender gaps in STEM.  

In acknowledging International Women’s Day, see what our fearless female leaders involved in the 2019 RACI National Mentoring Program said when they were asked about why they followed a career in science and their personal pledges to help accelerate gender parity in the global workplace and beyond.

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