The Envirolab Lab Rats Exceed Their Target for the 2014 World's Greatest Shave!


The Envirolab Lab Rats’ braved the 2014 World's Greatest Shave last Friday 14th March.


The team from Envirolab Services included David Springer, Dennis Tam, Gia Long Pham, Ian Stokes, Jacinta Hurst, Jeremy Faircloth, Kasjan Paciuszkiewicz, Hinoko Miyazaki, Ken Nguyen and team captain, Nick Sarlamis who cut, shaved and waxed their hair to raise money for the fight against Leukaemia.


The event took place in the communal area of the Sydney office of Envirolab Services.  As part of the event, a sausage sizzle and a ‘Goodies Guessing Competition’ that involved guessing the number of goodies in the jar were held on the day to raise additional funds for this worthy cause.


Between the money raised on the afternoon and online donations received on the team's fundraising page, the Envirolab Lab Rats raised more than $6000 and exceeded their target of $5000!


In exceeding their target, the Envirolab Lab Rats are grateful to their friends, family, colleagues, suppliers and clients as well as the greater community for their ongoing support during the fundraising process.


“It’s the first year that we have such a large team of us taking part in this important event,” said Nick. “I just want to thank everyone who has made the effort and taken the time to support us.”


“We’re sincerely thankful for all the help. This goes to help a lot of people and vital research.”


On the day Jacinta and Hinoko from the Envirolab Lab Rats made the extra brave move to chop their long, flowing hair which can be viewed on the Envirolab Services YouTube page.  


There is footage on the Envirolab Serives YouTube page of Ken similarly making the extra brave (and more painful!) move of waxing his legs before also shaving his head! 


For more footage captured on the day of the Envirolab Lab Rats, you can view team captain, Nick and Dennis as well as David shave their heads.


About the World’s Greatest Shave:
Held annually, the World's Greatest Shave is an event where family, friends, businesses and individuals come together to raise money and support the not-for-profit organisation, the Leukaemia Foundation.

As no ongoing government funding is received by the Leukaemia Foundation, the organisation therefore relies on community support to fund services and research for better treatments, cures and for providing hope for people living with leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.


Funds raised from World’s Greatest Shave enable the Foundation to continue providing free support services including accommodation, counselling and transportation to patients and their families, as well as undertaking ground-breaking research to take us closer to find a cure.


Donations are still open where you can support the Envirolab Lab Rats on their fundraising page.


After the event end date, donations can also be made directly to the Leukaemia Foundation.

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