New GC QQQ Equipment Purchase Benefits Analysis of Environmental Contaminants


As part of Envirolab Services ever increasing their capabilities in an ever developing technical market, a new Gas Chromatograph – Triple Quadrupole (GC QQQ) has been purchased for the MPL Laboratory in Perth.

This new equipment enables faster, more accurate, error-free analyses, which saves time in applications including the identification of environmental contaminants in soil and water.

“More and more customers are requesting higher profile analysis,” said Todd Lee, Laboratory Manager at the Perth office. “These requests include the analysis for the ultralow level NADG Sediment Guidelines.”

“We have successfully validated the GC QQQ to reach the lowest reporting levels for contaminants including pesticides,” added David Williams, Group Organics Manager. “Being advanced technology, this equipment has quickly become an important addition to our testing and analysis – Quite simply, it’s awesome to see our staff excited to be working with it and our customers equally impressed and benefiting from the more superior analysis.” 

For enquiries on the testing and analysis of environmental contaminants, find more details on the contact page for the Envirolab MPL Laboratory in Perth.

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