Envirolab Services Achieves NATA Accreditation for Arsenic Speciation Analysis of Waters and Urine


Arsenic speciation analysis of waters and urine is now available at the NATA accredited laboratories of Envirolab Group.  

Occurring in an organic and inorganic form, arsenic is a natural element found in the soil. Less toxic, organic arsenic may occur naturally in many types of foods, such as seafood. Once consumed, this organic form of arsenic is quickly eliminated by the body.

Inorganic forms of arsenic (e.g. arsenate and arsenite) have particularly adverse health effects. Found naturally in soil and rock, inorganic arsenic can enter creeks, dams, reservoirs and other sources of water supply by wind-blown dust, industrial operations including mining and smelting, erosion of natural deposits and natural disasters including bush fires and flooding.

Water and urine testing for arsenic can be done by collecting the sample in a container and following the instructions provided in our fact sheet on arsenic speciation in water and urine.  

For further information and technical assistance on how we can help you with collecting your sample for arsenic analysis and testing, contact enquiries@envirolabservices.com.au or call us today on (02) 9910 6200. 

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