Meet Our People - Kaz Namioka


At Envirolab Group, our people are our most important asset. Coming from different backgrounds, interests and experiences, there's nothing quite like hearing it from the people who already work here. Having recently relocated from the Perth location of Envirolab MPL Laboratories to Envirolab Services Melbourne, meet Kaz who tells us a little about himself.

Kaz Namioka


1. Why did you decide to join Envirolab?
I originally started at the Perth location of Envirolab MPL Laboratories where at the time I was looking for an employment opportunity. When I applied for the role, the work sounded interesting and the people seemed friendly. I liked working at the Perth branch of Envirolab and here I am now working at the Melbourne branch.


2. Tell us a little about your background experience. What are your key strengths?
From my background and key strengths, I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and I’m a fast learner. I’ve also got a background and strength in acid sulphate soils and oratory.


3. What have you enjoyed most so far about your role at Envirolab?
Since relocating to Melbourne, I’ve enjoyed learning and enhancing my skills and experiences in metals. This includes how to use the Mercury Analyser.


4. Our vision at Envirolab is that we will build a high performance culture founded on great service, uncompromising technical excellence, prompt results, innovation and family values. How has this vision been brought to life for you? What does this vision mean to you?
The vision of Envirolab means caring about doing a good job. For me it’s been especially demonstrated in how I got to move cities and stay with the same company.


5. Outside of work, what are your hobbies and interests?
I enjoy Aikido, watching films and learning German.

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