Envirolab Services Melbourne Commences Collection of Cuvette Cases for Children with Cancer


What do you do with discarded cuvette cases?
Rather than throwing them away for recycling, they can be
reused as pencil cases.

Chaminda Gunasekara, Inorganics Team Leader at Envirolab Services Melbourne, first contemplated recycling the cuvette cases based on their extensive usage and disposal at the laboratory. Cuvette cases are sterilised ‘disposable containers’ used for holding and protecting testing apparatus prior to usage in the laboratory.

“These sterilised containers move quickly through the lab. They are made from a sturdy plastic and their bright fluoro colour makes them perfect for reuse,” Chaminda said.

Chaminda is aiming to collect enough cases for large and continuous deliveries to the National Cancer Institute in Sri Lanka. The hospital provides care for children with cancer.  

Aside from the associated costs, initiative and dedication have been strongly demonstrated in supporting such a worthy cause. Analisa Mathrick, Laboratory Manager has gone above and beyond by self-funding the addition of pencils and colouring books. 

There is also current activity to extend the collection of cuvette cases to the Perth and Sydney laboratories.


For further information about the cause, contact Envirolab Services Melbourne.

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