Why Test Soil

Why Soil Test


Based in Sydney, EnviroLab Group has the finest expertise when it comes to providing a comprehensive range of testing services for your soil, water and air throughout Australia!


One of the major services we provide is soil testing and analysis. Our group of dedicated specialists are fully qualified to help you with all your environmental, agricultural and geotechnical based soil requirements. We will deliver you a personalised service with accurate results that you can always count on!


Soil testing is an absolutely fundamental step before the commencement of any construction project.  Getting your soil tested not only gives you useful information about what exactly you are building on,  but it also ensures that you do not encounter any hazardous risks or complications in your project in the long run. That’s why it is highly recommended that your soil testing is carried out by highly qualified technicians such as those at EnviroLab. We can provide you with the right information and the right solutions to counteract a wide variety of issues you may be having with your soil.


Test your soil with EnviroLab and you can ensure your construction project is not exposed to any damaging or hazardous risks.

Naturally occurring, acid sulfate soils and sediments contain iron sulfides, most commonly "pyrite," which can rapidly form sulfuric acid when exposed to oxygen. This acid can leach into surrounding environments, possibly causing damage to concrete and steel structures. Acidification of surface water and groundwater may occur from iron, aluminium and various other heavy metals entering into local water systems. This may cause severe short and long term socio-economic and environmental impacts.

Testing Soil

EnviroLab is NATA Accredited for the full SPOCAS suite (Suspension Peroxide Oxidation Combined Acidity and Sulfur) and Chromium suite of tests .This will provide results for both the ‘acid’ trail and the ‘sulfur’ trail allowing comparison of results to guideline values. AVS (Acid Volatile Sulfur) and field test analysis is also available, along with appropriate suites for water analysis in acid sulfate soil terrane.

Acid sulfate soils (ASS), sediments and rocks contain iron sulfides that occurred naturally thousands of years ago. These soils are harmless and called potential acid sulfate soils (PASS) if left undisturbed. However, if these are disturbed by actions including, excavation and draining, they will rapidly form sulfuric acid by reacting with oxygen in the air. ASS that have been disturbed are called actual acid sulfate soils (AASS), and may expedite certain detrimental impacts.

Particularly in mining and construction, acid sulfate soils are capable of causing damage to steel and concrete structures. In the environment, they are hazardous to plants, animals and water sources.

EnviroLab is NATA accredited for the full:

·         SPOCAS suite (Suspension Peroxide Oxidation Combined Acidity and Sulfur)

·         SCR suite (Chromium Reducible Sulfur)



Maximise the health and fertility of your plants and get your soil tested with us today!


Soil testing is also vital for ensuring the health and fertility of your plants. It can help take the guesswork out of explaining why your plants are experiencing nutrient-based issues and deficiencies.  A soil test can furthermore reveal valuable information about the composition of your soil.  The soil’s acidity or pH levels, whether it has any potential toxicities or whether you are using too much or too little fertilizer are just some of the long list of characteristics that can be determined in our soil testing labs.


The growth potential of the soil is ultimately affected by these characteristics.  Nevertheles,s with our extensive scientific research and technologically advanced methods, our testing capabilities can find out exactly what your soil needs. So there is no more need for guessing or relying on uninformed recommendations. At EnviroLab, we handle anything from organic, inorganic, to microbiological and forensic toxicology to help you with all your scientific requirements. Remember, in order to have healthy and productive plants


The benefits of making EnviroLab your number one soil testing service:


·         We are fully accredited by NATA.

·         We are Australian based and know your soil better than any other commercial testing lab.

·         We are strict on following Australian health and safety standards.

·         We provide an inexpensive yet high quality, scientific and technically advanced service.

·         We are fast and process your samples within five working days.

·         Our team of experts are friendly, professional and dedicated to helping you.

·         We ensure you receive a personalised service that caters to your requirements.

·         We provide you with a report detailing your soil information…




EnviroLab is fully authorised and will provide you with an expert-led personalised service to test, analyse and solve your soil issues! We can take the guesswork out of any health and fertility issues your plants are experiencing, or help examine your soil for any hazards that could impact your construction project.


You can rely on us to test your soil accurately in one of our soil testing laboratories located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland (New Zealand) and we have a supporting network of offices in Adelaide, Brisbane and Darwin. Our Perth and Sydney Premises in particular are quarantined approved and hold permits to import soil for testing from around the world!


Whether it is for environmental, agricultural or geotechnical reasons, talk to one of our expert technicians today to request our soil testing services. Or you can submit your soil samples to us directly through the mail. In order to allow us to process your samples efficiently, all samples must be accompanied by an appropriate Chain of Custody (COC), or a sample submission form detailing the required analysis for the same before we begin testing. For safety reasons and to prevent breakages, samples should also be packed in eskies with ice bricks (not ice) and wrapped in bubble wrap or foam.


For our customers’ convenience, EnviroLab can arrange courier pickups from your place of business or a home within Australia. You can contact us and we can provide free clean and preserved sampling containers. Please allow at least 2 days delivery.


So call our customer service or visit our website for more detail on the requirements of sending samples. Once we receive your samples and we determine they are compliant with our safety and hazard standards, our experienced technicians will begin scientifically processing them with our latest technology.


Envirolab Services will provide appropriately clean and preserved sampling containers free of charge. Please contact the laboratory and allow at least 2 days for delivery.


Results for routine soil analyses are reported in five working days. However, if in need we will be happy to arrange services for our customers that run over the weekend or holidays. Additional charges apply.


Results can be sent via email, fax, and email or phoned. Customers can also access their results on our portal over the internet. Simply set up and account and login with your details and you can view your information 24/7.



Contact our expert friendly team at our head office in Sydney today! We are available 7:00am - 7.00pm AEST, Monday to Friday.


Sydney Laboratory Head Office:

Address: 12 Ashley Street, Chatswood Sydney, NSW 2067.

Australia no: 1300 424 344

International phone:+61 2 9910 6200

Fax: +61 2 9910 6299

E-mail: sydney@envirolab.com.au


We also have soil testing laboratories located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland (New Zealand) and we have a supporting network of offices in Adelaide, Brisbane and Darwin.




How long does it take for the Laboratory to analyse my soil sample?

The standard turnaround time (TAT) can vary depending on the kind of tests done. Normally soil testing reports are usually provided in 5 working days. However, Envirolab will be happy to arrange services over the weekend and holidays for our customers who have more urgent needs. Additional charges apply.


What container do I need for taking soil samples?

Most samples can be placed into a 250ml glass jar with a Teflon lined lid. An additional ziplock bag containing a large handful of soil should be provided if asbestos testing is required.

Envirolab will supply appropriately preserved containers. Please contact our Customer Service Team on how to place an order or general enquiries.


Why do I need to take a separate sample for asbestos in soil?

As asbestos contamination can be very non-homogenous, it is very difficult to take a representative sub-sample. In order to have your results reported to the Australian Standard you will need to supply an individual sample to be tested solely for asbestos. This must be around 40 grams.


Do you have any other reporting formats available?

Yes – we also use ESDAT, EQuIS and Monitor Pro 5 reporting formats or we can customise a format to your needs.


How will I receive my results?

You will receive a single email containing a PDF report, PDF invoice, PDF COC and an Excel spreadsheet plus online reports (ESDAT, EQuIS and Monitor Pro 5 formats), if requested. You can request an SMS notification when the results have been emailed.