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Awareness of the Types of Asbestos

What does asbestos look like? Does it have a defined smell? You can’t tell by looking if a material contains asbestos. Asbestos cannot be identified by tasting or smelling it. But there are six commercial asbestos minerals worth knowing about and that's what we explore in this update. 

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Awareness About Mr. Fluffy and Loose-fill Asbestos Insulation

The Mr. Fluffy incident reminds us how the dangerous asbestos practices of the past will continue to be with us for many years to come due to continued exposures and the long latency periods between exposure and the onset of asbestos-related diseases. That's why it's important to Think Twice About Asbestos.

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Media Release

MPL Laboratories Gains NATA Accreditation for Carbon and Sulphur Analyses Using the LECO Solid Analyser

MPL Laboratories, is now NATA accredited for Carbon and Sulphur analyses in Sediments, Sludges, Soils, and Ores using the LECO solid analyser. This test-flow provides an in-house capability for Sulphur analysis as part of Acid Mine Drainage workflows.

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