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Acid Sulphate Soils Testing

Acid Sulphate Soils Testing

Naturally occurring, acid sulphate soils and sediments contain iron sulphides, most commonly "pyrite," which can rapidly form sulphuric acid when exposed to oxygen. This acid can leach into surrounding environments, possibly causing damage to infrastructure, and leaching iron and aluminium and other heavy metals into local water systems. This may cause severe short and long term socio-economic and environmental impacts.

Envirolab Services is NATA accredited for the full SPOCAS suite (Suspension Peroxide Oxidation Combined Acidity and Sulphur) and Chromium suite of tests .These will provide results for both the ‘acid’ trail and the ‘sulphur’ trail allowing comparison of results to guideline values. AVS (Acid Volatile Sulfur) and field test analysis is also available, along with appropriate suites for water analysis in acid sulfate soil terrane.

Turnaround Time

We can offer a standard 5 working day TAT for SPOCAS and SCr. Faster TAT’s of up to 3 working days are available, depending on the sample. Surcharges apply for fast TAT’s.


A minimum of 200g should be collected in zip-lock bags to minimize contact with air. Large shells, wood, charcoal and stones should be removed in the field, but biological remnants such as roots should not be removed.

Samples should be kept cold in the field and should reach the lab within 24 hours of sampling. Where this is not possible samples should be either frozen or dried at 85°C and stored in zip lock bags.

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