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Quarantine Samples

Quarantine Samples

Australia has some of the world's strictest quarantine regulations concerning materials from both overseas and within Australia. Strictness in regulations is a critical part of the Australian government’s efforts to prevent, respond to and recover from pests and diseases that threaten the economy and unique environment.

Envirolab Services establishments are Quarantine Approved Premises and hold a permit to import waters and soils from all countries.

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Information on Sending Quarantined Samples

Understanding the complexities around Australian regulations for importing quarantine samples underpins successful decision making and project delivery. To understand the nature of procedures associated with quarantine samples, we have provided tips on some of the more commonly requested queries received for laboratory analysis.

What can be imported

Imported materials may pose a potential quarantine risk. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) website details whether you are allowed to import your commodity, how to make an application, applying for a permit to import quarantine material, making a declaration and applicable fees and charges.

Other permits

Envirolab is authorised for quarantined soil and water samples and related material for destructive analysis; and human fluids and tissues that are not known to be infected. The DAWR website outlines permit requirements and whether your commodity does fall under Envirolab’s permit.

Record keeping and tracking

Quarantined items entering Australia require the importer or agent to obtain various records and pay associated fees for these additional areas, including a quarantine entry number (QEN), which can also be called an ‘order number’, 'direction number' or a ‘reference number.’


Shipping procedure

When sending quarantine samples, it is the responsibility of the sender to assess the nature of the samples and select an appropriate packing and packaging consignment option, as based on the chosen declaration. Additional conditions may apply with freight or consignment providers.

What to include

A copy of completed and signed documentation, including the declaration and permit to import the quarantined material. The permits and proforma invoice must be attached on the outer packaging. Incomplete or missing information may result in further delays and additional clearance fees.


It's important to account for any potential delays or unexpected events. Shipping delays and weekends may affect timings for the sample receipt. Samples may also fall outside the technical holding time requirements for some particular tests.

Need more information? Ask our expert scientists about the best practices in sending quarantine samples and obtaining a permit, whilst also achieving the best results in the quickest amount of time.

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