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Meredith Conroy

Meredith Conroy

Customer Service Supervisor

As the Customer Service Supervisor at MPL Laboratories, Meredith brings a wealth of experience and a keen understanding of client needs to her role.

Her journey with MPL Laboratories began in August 2012 as Sample Receipt Coordinator, a position in which she excelled in managing all inbound sample receipts.

Meredith's career in the scientific field is marked by her diverse experiences, including working in an organics laboratory in Northern Ireland before returning to Australia in 2009. Her progression through roles such as Sample Receipt Administrator and Coordinator has been bolstered by over ten years of customer service and administrative expertise. This experience has been instrumental in enhancing her ability to address client inquiries effectively and maintain the high standard of service MPL Laboratories is known for.

Holding a Bachelor of Applied Science degree with a major in wildlife biology and animal behaviour, Meredith is also advancing her qualifications by pursuing a Master's in Environmental Management.

Outside her professional life, Meredith is deeply involved in wildlife care, volunteering at a wildlife hospital and rehabilitation centre. Her love for nature extends to hobbies like hiking and scuba diving, and she is often found enjoying a good book during her downtime.