Students Gain Insight on the What's Involved in a Commercial Laboratory


Students from Macquarie University interned this week at our Envirolab Sydney laboratory.


During the two day intensive program, students were rostered to different sections of the laboratory. Here, the students were able to put their learning acquired from their studies to practice by getting involved in “real-world” commercial laboratory projects. The students were exposed to the different methods and practices involved in scientific testing and seeing all the instruments working to their full capacity.


Working closely with Envirolab staff, the students were provided with an additional opportunity to interact and gain a unique perspective on what is involved in embarking on a career in science. Assigned mentors and supervisors were also more than willing to provide tips and advice.


We wish the students success in the completion of their studies and future careers. For now, we hope you enjoy our video that briefly showcases some activities that the students were involved in.


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