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Fact Files: Nitrate (as NO3) or Nitrate (as N) - there is a difference

Useful information about Nitrate

Did you know that nitrate in high concentrations can contribute to the blood disorder illness methemoglobinemia in infants?


The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) health limit is 50mg/L (as NO­3). However, many labs report Nitrate (as N).


It is important to compare the correct form to the guideline. So you’ll need to find that old periodic table.



Element properties and conversions

Nitrogen has an atomic weight of 14.007

Oxygen has an atomic weight of 15.999

NO­3 is (14.007) & (15.999 x 3) = 62

Then 62 (NO­3)/14 (N) = 4.426


So your conversions are now:

Nitrate (as NO­3) = 4.426 x Nitrate (as N)

Nitrate (as N) = 0.2259 x Nitrate (as NO­3)


Nitrogen, the seventh element on the periodic table, is the chemical element with the symbol N, atomic weight of 14.007 and atomic number 7.



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