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Envirolab Sydney Celebrates 9 years.

Envirolab Sydney Celebrates 9 years.

The end of January 2014 marks Envirolab’ s 9th year anniversary of its founding.

Envirolab Services was formed 9 years ago through an acquisition of JET Laboratories in Willoughby, a location on the lower North Shore of Sydney and then relocating to its current premises in Chatswood.

Tania Notaras, Managing Director at Envirolab Services said, “Envirolab Sydney’s 9th anniversary is a major milestone for the company. Year after year we have continued to grow, making the most of our opportunities while ensuring that we continue to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.”

David Springer, General Manager said, “9 years ago, Envirolab Services was formed in Sydney with the objective of bringing together the most talented and passionate people in the industry to provide analytical testing services. Supported by superior technology and commitment to our clients, we have achieved this objective.”

Tania added, “I am immeasurably proud to be leading people who put in 100% every day to provide optimum testing services and who deliver the best service to our clients. I thank you for your dedication and loyalty to Envirolab and I thank you for our unique culture that makes us such a great workplace.”

Ian Stokes, Chemist at the Sydney office asked Tania what she was doing 9 years ago and Tania said, “Cleaning - the space was underutilized as the previous owners had an aversion to throwing anything out. One of our first tasks was to clear out the clutter and convert the store room to an extra lab.”  

Being there from the acquisition of JET Laboratories, Organics Supervisor Nancy Zhang has seen it all during the last 9 years.

Nancy said, “It’s amazing how much growth there has been from the start where there were only 5 of us and now there are more than 75 staff in Envirolab Sydney. Alongside the challenges, I’ve been happy to be part of it all and through my hard work, it’s been fantastic to have been provided with so many opportunities.”


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