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Chemistry Students Gain Valuable Experience

Chemistry Students Gain Valuable Experience

Held recently on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd April, the program was completed by Alexander Middlebrook, Dean Southwood, Stuart Terry and Calvin Yung. The four students are currently in the final year of their degree in Analytical Chemistry. As part of the requirements of the degree, the students are required to complete a two-day work placement with assignment questions relating to their time at Envirolab Services.

The students commenced their work experience by firstly being inducted into Envirolab Services. Following their induction, the students were then placed into the major sections of the laboratory to gain some valuable hands-on experience.


“It’s a great program where the students have the opportunity to see different parts of the business and also interact with how a commercial laboratory is run,” said program leader and mentor, Matthew Mansfield. "It’s real-world experience that you don’t always get in a classroom.”

The students enjoyed seeing all the instruments working to their full capacity and being part of a busy production environment. The biggest challenge they faced was getting to grips with the attention to detail required for large volumes of samples and ensuring accuracy in all reporting.

Envirolab Services would like to wish them well in their future careers.

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