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Presentation on Air Testing is a Great Success

Presentation on Air Testing is a Great Success

The presentation was conducted by Giovanni Agosti, Group Technical Manager who provided the group with a step-by-step demonstration on the sampling of ambient air and soil vapour for the analysis of ‘Volatile Organic Compounds.’

Equipment including canisters, flow restrictors and thermal desorption tubes were setup.

The presentation additionally provided attendees with a demonstration of the different methods and procedures used in the analysis of soil and air. Some of these methods of analysis included TD/GC-MS (Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry). Giovanni also discussed the strong quality assurance and quality control system, which is essential in the Envirolab laboratories for ensuring the highest level of service for clients.

For enquiries on air testing and analysis or for the testing of other environmental contaminants, find more details on the contact page for the Envirolab Sydney office.

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