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Envirolab Kicks Off 2017 with Anniversary of Operations

Envirolab Kicks Off 2017 with Anniversary of Operations

“Twelve years ago, Envirolab’s organisational structure and size was very different to what it has grown to become today. Nevertheless, in this time, our values have largely remained the same and that has been the core to our continuous success. We take pride in our reliability for providing a rapid turnaround and accurate analysis. We also place importance on maintaining staff levels when market conditions get tough,” said Tania Notaras, Managing Director of Envirolab Group.

Today the company continues to provide nationwide analytical testing services for a wide and expanding range of inorganic and organic contaminants. Our areas of expertise include soil, water, air and work health (occupational) testing. We are regularly adding emerging contaminants to our list of analytical capabilities. Envirolab tests for Perfluorinated Alkylated Substances (PFAS), 1,4 – Dioxane, PBDE’s, Methamphetamines and other currently topical environmental and occupational contaminants. In order to extend our services geographically, Envirolab is also a Quarantine Approved Premises and holds a permit to receive water and soil samples from other countries.

To continue engaging and encouraging the next generation of scientists, Envirolab supports and fosters scientific education through regular involvement in student internships, academic research programs and various industry bodies. “At heart, we are dedicated to aligning academia and the practical realities affecting scientists in commercial laboratories, as well as the industry and wider community. We look forward to being involved into the future of such an important area,” added Tania.

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