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Envirolab Group to Acquire LABTEC Ltd – a leader in tailored analytical and formulation services.

Envirolab Group to Acquire LABTEC Ltd – a leader in tailored analytical and formulation services.

Commenting on the acquisition, Tania Notaras, Envirolab’s Managing Director said the acquisition was aligned with Envirolab’s strategy to grow its scientific testing services internationally and this would significantly enhance our ability to reach further clients and the broader scientific community.  

“This acquisition provides both Envirolab and LABTEC the opportunity to further increase their technical services and provide tailored analytical and development services and solutions. We currently work in providing scientific testing for a variety of key industry players and we are thrilled about new opportunities that will now emerge by combining the talent from LABTEC and Envirolab to better meet the needs of our clients,” said Tania.

Established in 2004 by Ray Simms, LABTEC has grown and earned a reputation for providing tailored analytical and formulation services to veterinary pharmaceutical, agricultural chemical and the timber preservation sectors, worldwide. In recent years, LABTEC’s offering has expanded to include methamphetamine contamination testing in dwellings, as well as gaining ISO17025 IANZ Accreditation.

The team at LABTEC will remain unchanged and continue to operate out of their Penrose facility in New Zealand. However, LABTEC will be boosted with increased resources from Envirolab. In effect, the combined service offerings of LABTEC and Envirolab will widen the range of scientific testing solutions for all of our clients and provide additional backup services, where required.

“Joining Envirolab is an exciting opportunity that will expand our international presence and provide additional scientific and technical expertise. This will allow us to continue delivering industry-leading scientific analysis,” says Ray, who will retain a managerial role with LABTEC. “The management of Envirolab share the same passion and values for science and chemistry as we do at LABTEC, and have built a culture that values their people and the promotion of science – an important part in our decision to join Envirolab.”


About Envirolab
Privately owned, Envirolab Group is the parent company of both Envirolab Services Pty Ltd and Envirolab Services WA Pty Ltd (MPL Laboratories) in Australia and now the newly formed Envirolab Services (NZ) Ltd in New Zealand. Comprised of three commercial laboratories and a supporting network of offices around Australia, a team of 160 staff are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive rapid turnaround and quality customer service. Envirolab’s analytical services include a wide range of tests focussed on soil, water and air contaminants in the environment and within workplaces.


Privately owned, LABTEC is located in Penrose, Auckland and offers a variety of laboratory services, from small scale product manufacture, through to independent product QC analysis and environmental methamphetamine contamination testing.




Media and industry inquiries regarding the acquisition of LABTEC should be directed to Luisa Vumbaca at [email protected]

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