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MPL Laboratories is NATA Accredited for Dioxins and Furans in Water

MPL Laboratories is NATA Accredited for Dioxins and Furans in Water

Background on Dioxin Contamination
Dioxins are a group of related persistent environmental pollutants (POPs). They arise as by-products of industrial processes including the bleaching of paper pulp, waste incineration and herbicide synthesis. Dioxins are also formed during the open burning of waste, and can result from naturally occurring fires and volcanic eruptions. 

Dioxins and furans have dispersed around the globe primarily through contamination in the air. However, dioxins and furans can also be found in water and contaminated soils. As they accumulate, they can become harmful to human and animal health.


Testing for Dioxins and Furans
The analysis of dioxins requires sophisticated methods that are available in a limited number of laboratories. That’s why it’s important that you partner with a leading commercial laboratory, fully accredited and qualified to perform testing for dioxins and furans according to national quality standards. Our Perth Laboratory, MPL Laboratories has recently acquired NATA Accreditation for testing dioxins and furans in water.

By applying the latest recognised standards and techniques, our team can provide you with the data you need for more informed decisions. Plus, you can also be confident in our knowledge and expertise as the first choice for contractors, consultants and government agencies. 


Methods of Analysis
Our team at MPL Laboratories analyses PCDDs and PCDFs by highly sensitive Gas Chromatography coupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) in water samples. These can be analysed in conjunction with, or separate to, the existing PCB Dioxin-like Congeners suite. Depending on your requirements, ask us today how we can tailor testing to your needs. 


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