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Networking for Science Students and Graduates

Analisa Mathrick, Business Development Manager of our Melbourne Laboratory, recently took part as a panelist in the RACI’s (Royal Australian Chemical Institute) Careers Development Programme Webinar on "Networking Hacks."


As part of the panel, Analisa was able to provide insight and tips for participants in growing their professional network, particularly for those with career aspirations in science.


Over a virtual coffee via TeamViewer, Analisa recently reflected on her experience and explained to us how networking provides students and graduates with the advantage to become connected with professionals in science as well as other sectors. Analisa said, “Social media as an example, enables you to follow academic institutions and professional bodies, and join interest groups - by receiving updates and participating in professional sharing, you’re gaining valuable knowledge before heading out into your prospective career.”


“Students and graduates can also check out the pages of potential employers. Following a company page on social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn provides a great way to find out where the company is located, its areas of expertise and specialisation as well as keeping track of job openings and whether any of your contacts work at the company  – really useful if you need some background or information, which you might not normally find on the job description alone.”  



Strengthening your skills as a science student or graduate

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, people are adapting to the temporary COVID-19 working conditions and / or shutdowns being established globally by Governments. Whether working remotely or adhering to social distancing and self-isolation practices, technology and the application of social media, smart phone apps and other channels, are creating opportunities in sharing content and networking. Government authorities, The World Health Organization (WHO) and non-profit organisations (NPOs), professional bodies for science including the RACI as well as leading scientists and other respected industry leaders are some examples of sources for content and conversations that may appeal or open up new areas of interest.


While it’s worthwhile to also be across any data and privacy concerns in the registration process, the availability of free webinars, articles, updates and support may be of value in building knowledge and skills.



Mentoring our future leaders

Envirolab is proud to support the RACI’s mentoring and training programmes, which offer students and graduates development resources and activities, including webinars and online workshops for building professional networks and career aspirations in science. For over a year, our “fearless female leaders,” comprised of Pamela Adams and Analisa Mathrick from our Melbourne laboratory; Alex Stenta from our Adelaide office; and Jacinta Hurst from our Envirolab Group Leadership team, have been actively involved in the RACI National Mentoring Programme.



About the RACI Career Development Programme

The RACI provides science students and graduates a head start in their careers in chemistry through through a year-long program of one-on-one mentoring, as well as a number of workshops, lectures and networking events throughout the year.


To get involved in the RACI Mentoring Programme and register for the next webinar, go to the events section of the RACI website. Webinar recordings are also available, so you don’t need to worry about missing out.  



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