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Envirolab Services Melbourne Achieves NATA Accreditation for PFAS

Envirolab Group is pleased to announce that Envirolab Services Melbourne, has achieved NATA Accreditation for the analysis of PFAS compounds by LC-MS-MS, effective Friday 3 July 2020.


This accreditation for the Melbourne laboratory covers soils, solids and waters. At this stage, the Melbourne laboratory's accreditation excludes biota, serum and foam - these capabilities will in the meantime continue to be directed to Envirolab Services Sydney, who currently holds NATA Accreditation for PFAS in biota, blood and serum, and continues to lead the industry in building awareness and scientific developments in the identification and laboratory testing of PFAS.


Accreditation is for a period as defined in the Sixth schedule of the NATA Rules, being continued in accordance with Regulation R.32.Continuance of accreditation is dependent on adherence to the current NATA General Accreditation Criteria, NATA Specific Accreditation Criteria and the NATA Rules.


The current scope of accreditation of Envirolab Services Melbourne can be found in the NATA website directory.


NATA Accreditation is about confidence - yours and that of your clients when relying on laboratory testing results for well-informed decision-making. Importantly, you can benefit from this additional recognition of expertise when sending PFAS samples and receiving test results that also meet Envirolab Services' three core values criteria, Quality, Reliability and Service


Congratulations to everyone involved!



PFAS Contamination: A Growing Concern

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are a group of synthetic compounds that have been produced commercially since the 1950s and have been identified in recent years as contaminants of concern due to their toxicity, persistent nature and mobility in the environment.


While the manufacture and use of some PFAS, including Perfluorooctane sulphonate (PFOS), have been phased out in many countries, these and related compounds may still be found in imported consumer products or as part of old stock still being used, such as textiles, paper and packaging, non-stick cookware, coatings and cleaning products. PFAS have also been used in firefighting foams and pesticides.


Based on the unique requirements of your project, our team at Envirolab Services is keen to listen and assist you with all aspects of sampling and subsampling for PFAS analysis. Contact us today!



About NATA 

NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities), Australia is an authority that provides independent assurance of technical competence through a proven network of best practice industry experts for customers who require confidence in the delivery of their products and services.


For more information about assessment and accreditation, visit the NATA website.  

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