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Day in the Life: Meet Kira

Fostering the career progression of our team is important to us. By encouraging our staff to constantly develop their skill set, we are living our core values and culture, as well as broadening the capabilities of our team members.


Since joining Metals Prep at our Perth lab in 2012, we video chatted with Kira in September 2020 about her experiences and how she has continued to thrive at MPL Laboratories and grown professionally as a valued member of the team. Video chat and other forms of digital media have continued to keep our team connected while our network of laboratories and offices have remained physically isolated as state and territory border closures remain in place to ward off the global pandemic, coronavirus (Covid-19).




How did you get a start working at our Envirolab Perth lab, MPL Laboratories?

I started in 2012, initially in the Metals Prep team. Over the next five years I transitioned between the Organics Department, back into the Metals, and eventually took on the role of Calibrations Officer. After spending some time in the lab in various prep roles, I was looking for something with a bit more variety and a few more challenges.


What is your role now?

In 2017, Envirolab created the Logistics Supervisor role, which I stuck my hand up for. Within the two years that I’ve been in this role, it has certainly changed and incorporated a lot more, along with stock control. I’ve also taken on purchasing for the lab, general building maintenance, and just general problem solving and support for the staff. Every day is different and it keeps me on my toes.


What’s it like to be a part of the team?

Envirolab is based on people, and on creating a family from the environment. It is both family-inclusive and encourages a good work-life balance, which makes it a very good place to work. We can all have a good time together, joke around with each other, and provide support to each other, especially during very difficult times.


One of the great things about the office at Envirolab, is we’re very dog friendly. I generally bring my dog, Zeus in on Fridays. Everyone tends to be a lot more relaxed on Fridays, they love having pats, especially when they’re really stressed, and Zeus laps up the attention, so it’s a great way to ease everyone into the weekend.

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