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New Laboratory Premises for Envirolab Services Melbourne

Envirolab Group is pleased to announce that after many years of Envirolab Services Melbourne operating from Dalmore Drive, in the suburb of Scoresby, we have decided to move our business operations to a larger and more modern laboratory premises.

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MPL Laboratories is NATA Accredited for Dioxins and Furans in Water

Envirolab Group is proud to announce that our laboratory in Perth, MPL Laboratories now has NATA Accreditation in for dioxins and furans in water. 

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Testing Your Drinking Water Quality

The Importance of Clean Water and Reasons to Get Drinking Water Tested
Water is one of our most important resources in our natural environment. Much of our water supplies are sourced from lakes and rivers. Some private water users may also rely on water collected in dams, bores and rainwater tanks. 

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Testing for Phosphorus in Soils

Importance of Phosphorus in Plants and Soil 
Phosphorus is essential to all living things. It is a constituent of plant cells, essential for cell division and plant development growth. Insufficient phosphorus levels can lead to poor crop production and reduce agricultural output.

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Understanding the Impact of Methamphetamine Laboratories

These days watching TV is a luxury for me. Recently, I was able to indulge in one of those rare occasions where contrary to the perception that “TV is bad,” I was able to learn something new. Perhaps I need to make an effort to watch more TV?

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