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Envirolab to Push-up for Mental Health Awareness in July

Staff from Envirolab Services and MPL Laboratories will demonstrate their push-up power to raise awareness and support for headspace, National Youth Mental Health Organisation, over 21 days of July.


Each push-up completed in the challenge represents a life lost to suicide in Australia in 2017.


Mental health and suicide prevention is close to heart for Envirolab. In our Envirolab family as well as within our circle of friends and the wider community, we are committed to breaking down the social barriers that inhibit open and safe discussion about suicide and its prevention.


The team can be supported for the Push-up Challenge on the group page, MPL Laboratories Group, individual or “solo” pages. Alternatively you can support the cause by making a general donation to headspace. If you're unable help financially, it’s as simple as asking your family member, friends and colleagues if they are really okay and providing the means for them to reach out and ask for help. Sometimes such a simple act might be the difference between someone not speaking out and ultimately taking their own life, versus opening up and getting the help they need.



Every single life lost to suicide is one too many. In Australia alone, suicide remains the leading cause of death for those aged between 15 and 44 years. In 2017, 3,128 Australians died by suicide, a steady increase over the last decade from reporting conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) - this equates to more than eight deaths by suicide in Australia each day! Further, the suicide rate is represented by 75 per cent being men and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are approximately twice more likely to take their own life than non-Indigenous Australians.


While research demonstrates the need for concern for mental health, it is vital to note that gaps remain in national as well as global reporting. For example, there may be ambiguity surrounding the true intent of some deaths, which have been reported as accidental. There may be a lack of inclusion of gender identity and intersex status or there may be a lack of disclosure because of the stigma attached to suicide as well as other sociocultural factors, may underrepresent data. 


Nonetheless, suicide prevention is not a hopeless task. Against the persistence of stigma surrounding suicide and that many affected people may not seek help or are left to suffer alone in silence, taking the steps to build greater awareness, understanding and supporting mental health services and supporting those affecting, is part of reaching a solution.


At the same time, it is also important to remember those bereaved by suicide.


About the Push-up challenge

With 2019 being its second year, the Push-Up Challenge raises much needed funds to support headspace, National Youth Mental Health Organisation, a health promotion charity focused on promoting the importance of self-care and looking after our mental health, just as we do our physical health.


Participants commence on the 8 July and strive to complete all the 3,128 push-ups in 21 days. The target amount per day varies and whilst participants can catch up if they fall behind, they can't get ahead. 


More information on registration and getting involved can be found on the Push-Up Challenge website.


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